Marital Bliss

So this month my mother celebrated her 50th earth strong and her and my father celebrated 28 years of marriage!

I was present through most of those years, so from my POV… I KNOW it wasn’t easy but it was damn sure worth it.
Nothing in life comes easy anyways. Especially in today’s world.

After watching them grow and learn each other through the years. It’s given me a perspective of the type of relationship I’d like to have and what I want in a ‘husband’

I’ve learnt that not every married man is a husband and also not every married woman is a wife!

A marriage is much than just saying “I do” you have to say I do and then you move on to the actual verb of I DO.

I’ve stepped back from the dating world a bit to work on myself in/out because I realized that I could never expect the kind of relationship I dream about if I myself wasn’t ready to play the part of an ideal girlfriend/ wife.

Day by day I’m learning to love myself and be the best me that I can be. And when the time is right, I will win over my Price charming who will accept all of me genuinely.

But anywho…. I can’t express in words the love I have for my parents and the appreciation that I have for them not only because of the love they give to me but also because of the love they give to each other.

CHEERS to many more years!

Love you lots



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